John Fredrick Wilde

John Fredrick Wilde was born on the 16 May 1853 to Henry Wilde and Jane Batchelor in Fair Oak, Hampshire, England. He is the oldest of 11 children.

When he was only six years old he made the difficult journey from England to Salt Lake City in the Eighth Handcart Company.

When he was 22, he married Sariah Robinson, daughter of James and Mary Pollard Robinson. John and Sarah were married 14 June 1875 in the Endowment House.

They had 9 children:

John William Wilde

25 Feb 1876

Mary Jane Wilde

13 Dec 1878

James Henry Wilde

7 Feb 1880

Oswald Springthorpe Wilde

6 Jan 1882

Samuel Charles Wilde

22 Oct 1883

Elizabeth Susana Wilde

6 Mar 1886

Libbie Hannah Wilde

30 Jun 1888

Viloet Rose Wilde

18 Jan 1890

Gladys Alleen Wilde

20 Sep 1896

John served as the Bishop of the Coalville ward, Sunday School superintendent four years, and the president of the YMMIA two years. He worked as a road supervisor, and worked on the railroad through Echo Canyon.

He died 21 Dec 1936 in Coalville, Summit, Utah on 21 Dec 1936. He was 82 years old. His wife died a year later on 27 Jun 1937.

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